stillborn 9/3/99.
Remembered by Suzi Dunn:
My dearest Heather, Monday is your second birhtday. I see little girls that age and think of you. I wonder what you would look like. I wonder what you would be like. I miss you so much baby. I'm jealous of God because He has you and I don't, He knows you and I can only imagine. I told someone that I was taking a few days off from work because your birthday was coming, and they asked me : why, did I celebrate? I told them no, I cried. They said I should stop that. I can't, I told them, my heart is broken. The pain is still so harsh. I love you very much sweetheart. I wish I could be with you. I may have an eternity to spend with you in heaven and only a comparitively short time here on earth to wait, but it is seeming like an eternity. You are and will always be my beautiful dreamer.


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