born april 12,2001 and died april 12,2001.
Remembered by In loving rememberance from mommy, daddy and your brothers Tommy&Toby:
Katie you were to be our little angel in our lives. I was so proud to be carrying you inside of me. When the day came to have you, I was so excited to be able to finally hold your little body in my arms and to see the proud look on your daddies face when he would see you. And to think about you growing up with your brothers Tommy&Toby. But now all I can think about is how sad we are that you are not here with us today. Although I know you are up heaven and are watching over us. Don't forget you are always in our hearts. And we miss you so very much. I don't think that there is a day that goes by that I don't think about you. And so does daddy. Tommy and Toby wish that they could see you right now, but I tell them that you will always be with them no matter what. No matter what you will always be in our hearts and our memories. We love and miss you my little angel.


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