born April 3, 2001 and died April 3, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
To our special Angels, Mommy only carried you for 5 months, little ones. Then things happened quickly, before set of sun. You came into our lives for a few short hours, the things that happened were out of our power. We had so looked forward to giving you our love, but our time was short, God needed you above. We don't understand why this had to be, but someday we'll be together, just you wait and see!!! We were sad that we held you just a short while, but we think of heaven and we have to smile. Though our babies are not here to hold our hand, we know that in heaven we'll see you again!! Oh what a day that is going to be, Mommy and Daddy will hold you and you will see. That the love we've always had in our hearts, will keep us together and never apart. So keep looking for us, our precious angels, and know that you are loved. We'll never forget you, and we'll see you above. If you get lonely until we get there, remember you can rock in Jesus' Rocking Chair!!!! Love, Mommy & Daddy


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