miscarried August 20, 2001.
Remembered by Mom and Dad, Josephine and Frederick Lambert:
Dearest Annabeth, The hardest thing I ever had to deal with was losing you. Although you were lost 1 month before I knew, I still didn't want to lose you. I love and miss you so very much. Here is a poem I've to tell others how painful it is and to chose their words carefully, cause it hurts. “Every pregnancy's different ,“ they all would say. “Not even one's alike, on any given day.“ My child was dead and I didn't know. It hadn't grown in a month, how could it be so? “It had an abnormality and couldn't be. You're better off, can't you see?“ That's what they all said to me. “You could have another baby, gee. Don't you dare cry and feel more pain.“ How could they all say that about my little one? After all that's been said and done, my heart is broken and I'm not the same. I lost you twice, once by God and his plan and othertime by the words of man. Mommy, Jo Lambert


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