Remembered by Mommy and Daddy (Michelle and Rod Jett):
On July 23, 2001 we gave birth to Terrence Brophy Jett. A 3pd 14ounce 17 inch long baby boy. He was perfect. Eyes, nose, mouth and hair of black silk our baby was an angel. As we held him the tears choked our smiles. Amazed that this baby only 8months in my womb could be so big and so long. And his face, with wisdom as if he had lived for 100 years or more. We had lost Terrence the day before we gave birth to him. We had lost Terrence so quickly so suddenly that at first I thought we hardly had time to say hello. Then as days have passed I realize something. We said hello months ago. That we knew Terrence more intimately than we have known anything in ours lives. We said hello on January 21, 2001 when the two lines appeared on the home pregnancy test. We touched my stomach and we knew Terrence was very much alive and we said hello. We kept Terrence our secret for months to follow. We weren’t afraid of loosing Terrence we were selfishly keeping him to ourselves as long as we could. We knew his moods, we felt his transformations in my body, we learned how strong our baby was as he grew. At first deciding on the name seemed hard. There were so many choices. Rod and I both stuck on other names. Neither of us in agreement with the other. Until we realized that there was only one name. Terrence, his fathers middle name. The only name for our son.. On July 23, 2001 we gave birth to Terrence even though we could not give him life outside my womb. But we know that he lived. We know that his life had meaning. We held Terrence for only a few hours. We would have stayed there holding him forever but he would not let u s. We saw his eyes, nose, mouth and hair of black silk. Our tears choked our smiles and we knew he was our perfect angel. Forever alive in our hearts.0


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