miscarried January 13, 1999.
Remembered by Jamie and Courtney Hart (Daddy and Mommy):
Our precious Andrew, you came into our lives and made us dream of a perfect life. When you left us our hearts broke and we thought we would never laugh again. Though Mommy only carried you for 18 weeks, they were some of the most precious moments of our lives. When we held you in your little basket on January 13, we knew a piece of our hearts had ascended into heaven. While we would never see you do all of the things we had dreamed, we knew that you were with God and that you would never know anything but eternal happiness. Because Mommy and Daddy know Jesus as their Savior, we will all be together one day with Him in Heaven. And baby Andrew, when that day arrives, we will never let you go again. Until then we will cling to 2 Corinthian 4:16-18, which we have named your verses. And everyday we will remember you and love you, not with tears, but with smiles.


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