stillborn September 27, 2001.
Remembered by Christopher and Christina Jordan:
This is to our beautiful baby girl, our little Andrea Blake. It's the little things that tear me to pieces. It's the things That no one else notices. The reminders that only affect me. It's the “only ifs“, “what ifs“ and “why nots“. It's all the things that should be. It's what no one else can see. Your pictures, the nightmares and the unfullfilled dreams. It's those tiny feet, just prints in the black ink. Little things, like newborn babies, diaper commercials, baby clothes and baby toys. It's unused yellow booties, Winnie the Pooh and the color pink. Any of these things can make me cry. Any little thing makes me want to die. Because all these things should make life happy, complete and full. But instead, each of these things make me wish, If only I had my little girl. We will forever love you and you will never be forgotten. Love Mommy and Daddy


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