born 7/7/99 and died 7/7/99.
Remembered by Mommy Kristyn, Big sister Jazmyn, and father Anthony:
Hi baby--mommy just wanted to tell you she misses you very much. To be able to hold a baby boy was the best gift and biggest surprise in the world. I just knew when I went into labor on your big sister's third birthday, that she was going to have a lil sister. Who would have known you would be a boy and all she would have is a memory of the baby she saw at the hospital. Jazmyn said to tell you she is glad you are in heaven and an angel watching over us. Even 2 1/2 yrs later, it is still hard for her to understand why her baby bro was taken from her, but it gives comfort to know you are protecting her. We all have comfort in knowing you protect us and that we will see you again. I love you!


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