born September 18, 1998 and died September 18, 1998.
Remembered by all who loved him:
In September,
When cool breezes chase away the summer heat,
When children catch the school bus down the street,
And the first fall leaves drift softly to my feet,
I will remember.
And, In September,
When the skies turn from pale blue to cloudy gray,
And nothing we can do makes summer stay,
I will think of when you came....and went away.
I will remember.
It was September
When I got the news that dropped me to my knees,
And I begged the Lord to spare my child, please.
Then my hopes burst just like bubbles on the breeze.
Yes, I remember,
That, in September,
You came into the world so very small,
When we knew you had no chance to live at all,
And you answered the angel's gentle call.
Oh, I remember
That sad September;
And how much I longed to keep you here with me.
But we knew in our hearts, it couldn't be.
And your little spirit struggled to be free.
And I remember
In that September
How I held you and I loved that you were mine.
How I had you for a little speck of time.
Then you left this world for one much more divine.
And I remember,
How, in September,
Foolish people told us it was for the best,
When we laid your tiny body down to rest;
And we mourned you, but we also felt so blessed.
This, I remember.
It was September.
Your life had so much meaning, I can see,
And you changed our hearts for all eternity.
And you left your prints forever on me
That September.
So I remember.
By Gwen Flowers, For Jodi, Remembering David


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