miscarried November 10, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy:
I am so sorry for what I have done, I had to make an awful choice and I feel the guilt with what I have done, I don't think I could of given you everything that you needed in life, but I know I could of given you LOVE. I have given you the name Jessica Angel so that I will ask for you when it is my time to depart this world of my sins. You deserved so much better than I could of given you, I know that you are with the Lord Jesus and you are one of his special angels. I just hope when the time comes for my departure from this world that you are my angel to take me home with you. I will rejoice on the day that I see you and hold you in my arms. I will NEVER let your memory go. I have you in my heart forever. Please Dear Lord forgive me for my sins for I am weak and need to be strong. I LOVE YOU JESSICA ANGEL JONES and I will see you one fine day, and never to let you go again.


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