Remembered by Your niece you never knew kim , for my mom , your sister Lil:
I know you never knew me because you died 19 years before I was even born but I do know of you and love you very much in my own special way.I had 2 sons who died and I has both broke my heart and made me strongger and made me the mother who i am to my living son. My mom spoke of you today and said how she bought a speacial little brick with your name in a speacial place she likes to walk her dog. After all these years she has never forgotten her baby sister who died when you were just 1 month old I am very proud of my mom for this because I never knew how she felt about you she has mention you over the years but never have we been able to share It made me very proud to have her as a mom because all these years I wantted to know about you and plus I felt lonely about the death of my own 2 sons like if I tried to tato her she woulnt understand and would think I need to forget but today I realized she is human because she has not forgotten her sister in all these years so now I know I can talk to her 10 years from now and cry when I miss my boys and she will understand totaly. I want you to know how speacial you are to my mom and I want you to know she still loves you and your still her baby sister the one who never grew old aunty god bless you and I send you lots of love one day we will finaly meet but until then I ask you to please be my moms guardening angel because I never realy get to be there with her like I want to and I ask that you watch over your 2 great nephews who are with you til I can be with all of you love kimmie


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