born November 24, 2000 and died April 11, 2001.
Remembered by Jenalee Ast(mommy), Uncle Lucas Ast, Grammy Carolyn, and Christina Drope(God Mom):
Kloe you were my life, my love, and my heart. I'll always cherish you to my heart. Even though you are gone I will never forget you. Sometimes I have my days where I miss you so much that I cry until I almost make myself sick, but I know that you are watchin over me and that the lord is taking care of you. When I found out I was pregnant with you I had to make the decision to either keep goin the way I was or to grow up....I decided to grow up and you were the best thing that ever happend to me. I will always love you and no one will ever replace you. You are my little special angel. I love you. Always and forever.... Your mommy Jenalee


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