born 12/28/00 and died 12/16/01.
Remembered by mommy and Daddy:
my sweet Tyler, I am so sorry for your disease that you had (scids) meaning no immune system, I did everything I could to help you get better, but the longer they waited for the bmt's to work, the worse you got. I remember your BIG eyes, and such LONG eyes lashes. your cute little smile when you use to play peak-a-boo wiht us. Although you were far awawy from us in Duke hospital in NC, mommy stayed there with you day after day, while daddy went to work back home in ohio. he drove every weeked to you. then came that awful night when you coded, and from that day on I never got to see your beautiful eyes ever again. you went to heaven to live with jesus, and that is the hardest thing for me to deal with right now. I want to hold you, and kiss you and to see your eyes open big and bright just one more time. Tyler mommy knows that SCIDS is a very rare and harsh disease, i am so sorry that you had to have it. please will you forgive me. I love you so much my sweet baby. love, mommy


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