miscarried June 29, 2001.
Remembered by Allen, Lori, and Hunter Jager:
Mommy's Arms Are Empty - January 19, 2002. Today is the due date for you to be born. But all I have is an emptiness to mourn. Mommy's arms are empty with no baby to hold. My heart feels heavy. The weather is cold. This should have been the time for the anticipation of your arrival. But no one seems to be remembering to share in my grief or my sorrow. You were a life created from love. You were a gift that was sent from above. Why couldn't you join us to become a family of four. You'd have had parents who loved you and a brother whom you'd adore. Grandpa's birthday is getting nearer. The date we told your brother you would be here. Instead of excitement, joy, and celebration, I shed yet another tear. Your nursery is still the computer room. Your bassinet is down in a box. Your blankies remain folded with your tiny baby clothes and your cute little socks. There isn't a day that goes by when I haven't thought of you. Calculating how far along my pregnancy would be and how big my tummy would be getting, too. I know that you have gone to a much better place. Knowing that the grace of God is shining on your face. I see another baby. I think of you then, too. Wondering what you'd have looked like as you giggle, cry, and coo. But I will never know these things because you will never be here. But in my heart you'll always be my baby, my angel, my dear. It doesn't make it easier for the pain I have is still here. I will never forget you, my little one. That fact remains quite clear. Bu


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