miscarried Oct. 22, 2001 (4 wks.) and Jan. 1, 2002 (9 wks.).
Remembered by mom (still waiting) to be 1/14/02:
Annie Mei is the name I gave to the baby I was never able to conceive with my ex-husband in 1993. I've never seen anyone else grieve that kind of loss, but it helped me quite a bit to name her. I still think about how old she would be if we had been successful. I remarried in Oct. 2001, we got pregnant right away, and I miscarried the day after we found out we were pregnant. We just had our second miscarriage two weeks ago (at 9 weeks). I pray for the souls of these babies and for the wisdom to know if there is something I can do to help the outcome the next time we are so blessed. Reading through these messages has helped me a great deal in my grieving process, and I am grateful for the sponsors of this website.


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