miscarried 1999/2000/2001/2002.
Remembered by mommy, daddy and big brother:
to all my babies that i have never seen but loved so dearly: i honestly don't know what to say as i am still so distraught, as it has only been 6 days since i lost my most recent baby. hopefully by next week we will know why you have all left us. i just want u all to know how much we love u. as difficult as all 6 of my losses have been, i can honestly say the 6th was the worst due to the fact that previously i had not been pregnant long enuff to see any of u by u/s but baby #6 i did see and all though the drs say its impossible, i felt u move sometime around the day that u died in my belly, not to mention nature had always taken its course and i never had to have a d&c before so i never had the horrible feeling of having to have a baby removed from me, but all in all i know u were doing me and dady a favor by making me have the surgery as now we may have an answer as to why this keeps happening and for that we (and any future babies) thank u with all our hearts. as i type this, i feel u around me and that is comforting.. as i continue to type i cry and cry, but knowing u are happy and with all the other angels, does help some... we love u with all our hearts... love mommy, daddy and your big brother xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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