stillborn Thursday, February 7, 2002.
Remembered by Laura and Todd Grodrian:
Who would have thought this surprise pregnancy would mean twins? We almost had a heart attack when we saw the ultrasound. But all I could think of (when it began to sink in) was the image of our 18 month old daugther and her two siblings around the Christmas tree and how much joy three children would bring. The day we found out about my incompetent cervix was the day we had our routine ultrasound. We found out they were girls. We saw Lily stretch and kick. Saw Annabel rolling and somersaulting so much we couldn't get a clear picture of her. We had a glorious hour together in which our family was intact, healthy, happy. And then we were rushed to the doctor's office next door, to the hospital in the next town, and in the morning transported by ambulance to the hospital in San Francisco that specializes in high risk pregnancies. All without a symptom to indicate anything was wrong. The membrane from Lily was bulging through my cervix, already infected with bacteria and we were faced with the choice of either going home to miscarry or staying to induce labor. After four days of anguish, we chose to stay and give birth in calm surroundings. After a two hour labor, we gave birth to our fraternal twin girls Lily Gabriel and Annabel Mary. We were able to be with them for four precious hours. We held them, sang to them, talked to them. We told them about their big sister, Claire, and about how much they were loved. Annabel had her Daddy's nose; Lily had mine. They both had their Dad's nailbeds and Claire's toes. Their lives were short, and words cannot express how much we miss them. But from start to finish they were loved. And they always will be.


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