stillborn february 19, 2000.
Remembered by Your loving mommy ( Shelli Brown):
MY LITTLE ANGEL Oh my angel, I miss you, How I hurt & long for you in my arms, your sweet little face I want to kiss, I want to see you smile & laugh & the thoughts in your eyes, which I am sure are blue, I wish to see the way they twinkle, My day consist of thought of you, In your beauty, I know you are one of Gods little angels now, But you are my little angel most of all! The sadness, the ache in my heart & the confusion in my head, I think of you , My little angel & can not believe you are dead, My little angel how I wish you where here, so ther would be no more broken hearts and no more tears, You are my special little Angel, always with me forever in my heart, How I love my sweet little angel, My Little Tyler, My Little Dear! I love you my son, and wish you were here! Love, Mommy


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