miscarried February 19, 2002.
Remembered by Julie, Ken and the surviving siblings, Emily, Julian, Jake, Jeran and MacKenzie:
Although our family has been blessed with 5 children all together, the loss of this latest addition has been extremely difficult for all of us. As a mother, losing a child even early in pregnancy has been like losing a piece of my soul. Having so many children, having babies is what I do best it seems and this has been a tragic and emotionally devastating loss for me. Not being able to name our Angel has been difficult. Taking care of our youngest, who is 10 months old, makes every day a constant reminder of where I would be in a year with the new addition. Even though my pregnancy seemed to have just begun before it was over, I had begun collecting things for the new baby and now face the task of putting those things away. I have too many questions and not enough answers. I have to go on knowing that God is taking care of this tiny soul for me and that someday I will get to take care of Our Lost Angel when we meet again. We miss you Baby.


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