stillborn February 21, 2002.
Remembered by Grandma:
My dear little boy, we were patiently waiting for you. Your mom and I were so happy. We would always say what we were going to do and name you. We went shopping and bought you so many clothes. Because I knew deep in my heart you were a little boy. When you were born, you were so still. We were all very sad. I took you from your mom's arms, asked if I could hold you, hoping I could bring you back to us. Miracles do happen, but this time it didn't. Now you're up in heaven with your big brother Angel, and your Poppi. I know you would have had fun here with all your cousins, but we will always be together. I love you, even though I won't hold you in my arms anymore. I hold you in my heart. Love Grandma!


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