stillborn July 17, 1990 and March 28, 1991.
Remembered by Momma:
I lost my sweet daughters to cancer. I had an autopsy done to see why they died and was told that they were never meant to live. If they were never meant to live, why were they ever allowed to grow inside me? Although, it has been many years, I still grieve and ask why. I had no loving husband to help me through the grieving process, although I was married at the time. I do have three daughters and they are the most precious people in my life. I just wanted to let my daughters to know that I have a wonderful man in my life and we are going to be married in June. He has helped me with the loss of my two youngest daughters and vowed to be a father to my three living daughters. Time has lessenend the pain, but not the memories. I love you, Brenna Ashley and Sandra Dee. Love momma


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