born 12/12/1978 and died 1/24/1979.
Remembered by Aunt Deborah Harndon:
Holly was a healthy 9 lb baby girl.We do not know what went wrong but when my brother (tom) went to get her in the nursery to get her dressed to go home .Holly was all blue and not breathing. We blame the nursing staff,they had Holly in a room off to the side with all the lights out and the nurse was reading a book at the nurses station. They revived Holly but she only lived for 6 short weeks and never came home. I wish I could have been working at that hospital. Maybe this would have not happend.Holly had a lot of blond thick sweet and inocent.From her we have learned that life is too short! She is with her grandparents and uncle Bob so we know she is in good hands till we are together again. We all love you and think about you every day! oxoxox my sweet angel baby neice! Till we meet again! love Aunt Deb


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