born 08-12-00 and died 08-30-00.
Remembered by daddy:
I watched my son Ryan fight 18 days to stay on this earth.He put up a heck of a fight,but end the end his 3 month premature lungs gave up.Ryan,never gave up he battled until he went in to a respitory coma.At 8:00pm on August 30th Ryans' mother and I made the unimaginable decision to take Ryan off the respirator.At 8:15pm my son took his last breath as his mother held him in her arms.The perfect place for that to happen.I hope no one ever has to make that decision,but I know that someone will.May GOD give you strength.I carried Ryan to his final resting place,me and me alone I would have had it no other way.Ryan was my hero...DADDYs' LITTLE HERO


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