miscarried 8/21/01.
Remembered by Mommy(RoseAnne) and Daddy(Anthony):
My little angel, Mommy wants you to know how much you are loved and missed.I think about you everyday wondering if you would have had my smile,and Daddy's nose,If you were a Bouncing baby boy,or a Daddy's little girl. I know you were here on your Birthday (3-17-02) I could feel you all around me when Daddy and I blew out your candle.Everyday I live I promise to live stonger,reach higher,and love more deeply the way I would have tought you.I'm so sorry you had to go so soon without ever getting to feel the touch of my hand.Daddy and I know in our hearts that you were just to good for this world and God needs you now for something greater.You are the Best Birthday present a Mommy could ever have.For the rest of my life I'll never forget how it felt to turn 23,and you will live on in our hearts forever.Until the day I get to hold you in my arms for all eternity,I will treasure the unfairly short time we were growing together as one. Watch over Daddy and Me My Angel and know that you are always in my dreams,hopes,wishes,tears,and My life. Love always & Forever Mommy&Daddy ***GiAnna Marie or Rocco Vinchinzo Granato*** 5-20-01 to 8-21-01


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