born February 16, 2002 and died February 15, 2002.
Remembered by Your Mommy:
***Hannah Grace Aldridge, Stillborn at full term due to a cord accident. A bittersweet story of tragety and triumph.*** Hannah, It has been almost 10 weeks since you have taken flight into the arms of Jesus. Not one day has gone by during which I haven't cried because I miss you so much. I know that you are so happy right now, and I am glad for that, but I cry for me and what I am missing right now. Not being able to see you and touch you. I am so alone right now. You were my only friend other than daddy. Soon we will have your brothers and sisters, but we will always wonder about you. What would you have looked like and always knowing we are missing out on your sweet, gentle spirit. My heart aches, my body aches for you. Oh I wish I could hear you say just one time that you love me. I wish I could, just once, look into those eyes of yours and tell you that I love you. Know that every day of my life I will be longing for the day I get to hold you in my arms at last. I miss you so much. With All The Love I have, Mommy (Becky Aldridge


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