born February 16, 2002 and died February 15, 2002.
Remembered by Your Mommy and Daddy, Heath and Rebecca Aldridge:
Our Precious Hannah Grace 7lbs 0ozs 21 1/2 in long We love you. We’ve planned for you for so long, and dreamed of you before we knew you. We felt every little kick, every brush of your shoulders and each one of your hiccups. We know you love us too. When we saw you, we were at awe at what a beautiful creation God had made through us. Your sweet lips, your soft skin, your little hands. To us, you were perfect, and we cried because we never got to say goodbye. But you were never fully ours. We gave you to Jesus the second you were conceived, and now you are safe in his arms. We don’t understand why He wanted you back so soon, but we are so grateful to have shared this tiny bit of life with such an angel. Hannah, you are precious to us. Your name means “Favored One.” God favors you. You are his daughter now, untouched by this world, never born into sin. Because of that, we rejoice. He loves you more than anyone, even we, ever could. He will take good care of you. Grace, your middle name, is God’s strength that we need now because we already miss you so much. We promise now that we will not become bitter. We will continue to love you as we always have, and lean on our Father when we yearn to have you close. Promise us that you will not forget us. We will love you forever, and long for the day that we get to hold you again. Love, Mommy and Daddy -written to Hannah two days after she died, and read to her at her funeral.


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