born Jan. 30th 2002 and died Feb. 18th 2002.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy-Brian and Lesa Kling -brothers Tyler and Cody:
(Mommys Letter to her littlest love) My Sweet Simon What are you doing up in heaven? Is your hair still as soft and dark as it was when you were on earth? Do you remeber me and how I sang to you? Sweet little one I know you must. I tried so hard to show you love and make your life have meaning while you were here. I tried to be strong for you and not show you I was in pain. My heart was and still is full of love for you. You gave me a special gift Simon. You taught me courage I never knew I had. You taught me how to be thankful and not demanding. You reminded me of how to forgive and let go of the past. Oh my little love, thank you for giving your precious little smile and reaching out to me when you would hear my voice. Thank you for touching so many lives in your short time here. Mommy is so sorry you had to endure some pain. I desperaately tried to stop it when it came. I did all I could to comfort you when you were hurting. I am sorry I broke down those last moments. I could not help it sweetie. I tried, really I did. If I could have anything I wanted now, I would ask for a dream of you in heaven. I would love to feel you in my arms one more time. Most if all though, I want to see how happy you are and tell you-----Mommy will always love you. Until we meet again little one, I kiss you in my heart each night. Mommy


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