born 19 April, 2002 and died 21 April, 2002.
Remembered by Vivian Simon and Antoine Joseph:
After 4 miscarriages, my boyfriend and I longed for the birth of our baby. At 23 weeks my water broke and I was taken to hospital, I was so afraid as I knew it was not a good sign. Five days later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (I always knew it was a girl). She was the best thing that ever happened to us, and those two days with her were the greatest days of my life. How I miss her and wish that things had worked out differently. Everyone says that God knows best, but that's hard to take in at a time like this, even though we know its true. We never got to hold her in our arms, I never got to breastfeed her or even see her smile. She died before her father who was away studying, got to see her . One of the hardest things for me was telling him that she had died. He was so excited at the thought of having a baby we had so many plans for her, and she was the picture of him. God we love and miss her. She'll always be in our memory. Thank you V, for giving me the greatest gift of all, and I hope the next time will be different. I love you will all my heart. To Caerleon, the best thing about you was your innocence, your purity and the fact that you were ours. Oh how we wished things could have been different, but it was out of our hands. We're sorry we never got to be your parents, we would have been good as a family. We will remember you always. Vivian


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