born July, 14 2001 and died July 28, 2001.
Remembered by His Mommy and Daddy, Emily and Rudy:
“Some People Only Dream Of Angels - I Got To Hold One In My Arms“ The grace of my son's life was the best gift ever bestowed upon me. In his short little life he taught me more than anyone else ever has. He brought me the worst pain and heartache, but at the same time he taught me what true,unselfish, unconditional love is. He taught me the true meaning of life and showed me what is important in this life. I can't imagine who I would be to this day, if I had never gotten to be his mommy. It hurts that I will never get to see him take his first step, say his first word and grow into the wonderful man I know he would be. But I am comforted in knowing that although I may not get to be with him in this life, we will get to spend the rest of eternity together.


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