miscarried January 23, 2002.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
Tomy, we were so excited when we finally concieved you! We couldn't wait until the day you would finally be here with us; so many people were anxiously awaiting your arrival. It was amazing to see you move during the ultrasounds and hear your heartbeat. And then we started to feel you move! How truly amazing it was to feel you growing inside of me. And then the day came when they found the problems - we thought we would die. It didn't even seem real... how could this be happening? We did all of the things we were supposed to. Now you are an angel in heaven with God. I can't wait until the day when we will get to hold you and be with you, and finally be together as a family. You are forever in our hearts. I hope with my entire being that you know how special you are to us and how badly we wanted you. As painful as it is to have lost you, I am grateful that we had the opportunity to be with you for the little time we had. Until we meet again, with all our love, Mommy and Daddy


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