Remembered by Mommy Lori:
I thought of you as my “miracle baby“. I thought God had finally blessed us with a promising child. I had tried so hard before to have a little one, but never succeeded. After the loss of your twin, you still survived. You were such a little fighter! I even had a special surgery to keep you inside of me, and you continued to cling to life. I saw you every week on the monitor at the Dr.'s office and watched you grow. I was so happy to find out you were a boy too. Your step brother & step sister really wanted a baby brother because they already a little sister at their home. You were the first child that I actually felt move & kick inside me, which made you even more special to me. I do not understand why God took you into his Kingdom after 5 months, but there must have been a reason. Now you are with with all your other brothers & sisters that mommy tried to have. I miss you so very much. I loved you with all of my heart and almost died trying to have you, but it was a sacrifice I would have made. Someday we will be together again & I will play with you & all your brothers & sisters in Gods playground.


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