stillborn february 26.
Remembered by mommy,daddy, and your brothers:
I will never forget the day of Feb.25 2002 when they told me you had left us.I just could not and still do not understand why this happened.I was 39 weeks pregnant and you seemed so full of life just the day before.Then without any warning you were gone.For some reason your heart stopped beating.Your dad and I were so ready for you to be here, everything was just waiting for your arrival.But for some reason we still don't know, you cannot be with us.You were born on Feb.26 at 12:30a.m.You were so perfect ,from your head down to your toes perfect!You looked like you were sleeping.Kaylen, we held you , kissed you, and said hello and goodbye all at once.Your brothers don't really understand what happened but as they get older they will know.You will always be a part of our lives and in our hearts forever.Even though you were only in our lives a short time ;that time was a blessing.We have learned so much from you about life and ourselves.Everytime I look at your brothers I'm reminded of what we have looked so much like them (Nick's nose and Justin's head and mouth) Son,we will always love you and we miss you more everyday!!!


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