miscarried 6/21/02.
Remembered by Jamie Gabriana (Wanzo-Spicer):
Even though we never got to meet you or watch you be born, watch you grow up and graduate from high school or college and start your own family. We will always remember you. You will always be our baby. Why god choose to give you to us then take you away we will never know. Mommy: Even though I lost my faith along time ago. I started to think along time ago that I was wrong there was no heaven, but with you lil one being pregnant with you showed me that there was and that you was my angel sent from up above, but now your gone and so is this so-called place heaven? What did I do to deserve such hell of my baby dying and even though I didn't feel you kicked, but I heard your cries in my mind, but I tried to deny what I heard I'm not ready to say my goodbyes even though I have tried, but time must come and I am being force to say my goodbyes anyway. When they told me you were gone my heart began to break then I died with you. Well baby until next goodbye Mama will always love you! Daddy: Me and your mommy have and always will love you! You were gonna be our first and we had plans for the future and of course you are involved. even though you are not here physically me and your mommy will always have you in our hearts. I also tried to deny the fact that you are not here with us I know you are here in spirit. And if the faiths are kind they will give us another chance to be good parents. A chance to share and show our love with one another through you. You have made both me and your mom very happy with the small amount of time that we spent with each other. I will not loose hope I know we will see you again and we promise that when that day comes we will give you so much love the both of us could ever give you. I love you so much my child!!


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