stillborn November 24, 1997.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and sister Kaylee:
Everyday I think of you and how I wished you were with us. We love you so much and my hands ache to hold you again. There is so much I wished I could change. I wished that I have taken more pictures of you, I wished that I would have never put you down in that hospital bassinet. I could have held you all night. I wished I could just see you now and know that you are ok and not alone. Things have changed a little since you were born but our love has never change and never will. You have a sister now, she wonders where you are. I tell her about you and she see pictures of you but does not quiet understand where you are and why you are not here with us. She takes flowers to your grave and sits with me. She asks for you, she wants her sister. Could you please look after her and hold her hand. I love you both, my daughter in heaven and the angel that walks beside me.


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