miscarried September 27, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and big brother Preston:
You were due in Feburary of 2001 but in August of 2000 mommy found out that you and I were both sick. I was having a partial molar pregancy and you were not capable of living outside of my womb. I was dying slowly also just to keep you alive. I had no choice but to let you go be with Jesus and I still feel guilty. Your brother Preston was looking forward to finally being a big brother but by God's will you were taken from us a day before your brother turned 3. My labor was induced like I was going to get to take you home. The only good part, my son, was not only seeing an angel but also holding one in my arms. We all love you!!! It is now July of 2002 and it is still hard to cope but through all of the pain and sorrow we are having our 3rd son. I am due in October(In 3 months). Everything is going great and he is healthy!!! Preston is so excited. He will be 5 in September.


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