miscarried July 24, 2002.
Remembered by Erin and Mark Davis:
We lost our first baby (Kelsey) almost 4 weeks ago. I was a day and a half shy of 20 weeks of pregnancy. She took us almost 6 years to conceive through endless Dr.'s appointments and fertility treatments. We did get to hold her the night we lost her, and it's a memory that we will never forget. No matter how difficult it has been losing her she will forever be in our thoughts every day, and it gives us great peace knowing that our beautiful little angel is in heaven smiling down on us. This experience has been so surreal, and like many others have stated I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. It's difficult for those that have not experienced it to understand and we are learning to cope one day at a time. We are so nervous to start trying again, but with courage we will. We continue to keep all couples with the same heartache in our prayers and hope and pray that God will bless us again.


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