miscarried March 16 2002.
Remembered by Daddy & Mommy your brothers Mark and Levi:
Emily I knew u for only a short period of time,the day I found out u were inside of me I felt the most special a person could feel.It took all but me seeing the positive result to love u.I found myself so bonded to u right away I hoped u heard me when I spoke to u or read to u. The day I felt ur little life inside me I felt blessed and over come with love .I am so sorry that my body let us both down.My heart beat was the first thing u heard and the last thing as well I hope u werent in any pain and I pray that u didnt suffer.I hope that I didnt cause this to happen to you.The day u were taken out of my womb I knew I would never be the same again.I miss you I wanted u so much.It is so hard to have nothing after having you in my body living inside of me.Someday my precious baby I will be able to feel u in my arms and hold u and smell u and tell u how much I love you,I try so hard to be a strong Mommy for you but it is very hard for me.Do u look like your brothers? I will never know.Do u have Daddies lips?my hair? Oh My dearest Emily I love you so much I would give up my own life if u could be here instead of me.You are loved so very much not a single second goes by that I am not thinking of u.Please know that my life will never be the same without u in it~I miss u and I love you~ Mommy


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