born 4/03/02 and died 5/09/02.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, & brothers, Tyler and Devon, Uncle's, Auntie Chris, Grandparents:
Oh our Elias, precious little one There is nothing we can do or say For God has called you to his side Receiving your wings on this day We want to hug you so tight But this is just not meant to be With so many tears in our eyes We cannot hardly talk, or see Why God, what can be your need? That you called our baby away Leaving our heart in sorrow On this tearfully sad day Our Lord,Our God far above We try to understand But it is so very hard here For a woman or a man Lord, let him know about us And of the love in our heart When we are ourside We will be looking for his star. With much love to Our Angel Elias, Your Family


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