stillborn May 5th 2000.
Remembered by Shiron (Mommie) Daddie, Reverend Howard, Grandma and your aunts and uncles:
I was so happy expecting my first child. I knew I'd be rasing her all by myself but I was the coolest aunt around and knew I would be a great mother. I was learning from the best. I was so scared and excited but I knew I'd get by especially with my new daughter. I was taught by my mother to not limit myself to what others thought I should be because of my race. She said if you like rock and roll or want to go rock climbing, do it. Explore the world and see whats out there and I instilled that into my daughter while she grew inside of me. We listened to music, I read to her, my 2 year old niece would talk to her all the time and so would I. On May 3rd I found out she had passed away and I was only two days away from my due date. I dont regret seeing her or holding her at all. She looked just like her father but with my lips. She had so much hair I couldn't believe it!! Being pregant with her was the best time of my life and I wouldn't give that up for anything. It's been two years now and I still can't get it together in my head but I'm thankful for being able to look at her pictures and smile instead of cry. Maliyah, your mommie will always love and remember you...............forever


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