born May 11, 2002 and died May 16, 2002.
Remembered by Dayne Boyden:
Faith, your five days of life on earth had a lot of purpose. God knew what he was doing. There are days where it is hard to believe that, but today, regardless of my feelings, I want the world to know that God did a great work in my heart--breaking it--so that I might empathize with others, comfort others, be burdened by what burdens others. One can't truly minister to others until they themselves have been ministered to. There's more: Now I want to be a father! Maybe I did before, but not like I do now. Once my eyes met the eyes of my baby daughter...any doubts I had about being a dad vanished. Wow. Tommorow at 8 AM I will share what I've written here in a “public speaking class.“ I pray you will be honored, my precious one, and that God will be glorified through my story. In Jesus name, amen.


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