miscarried 24th August, 2002.
Remembered by Leesa Morris, Craig Kapernick, Amanda & Kyle Morris:
My sweet baby girl, you weren't with us for long but you left a lasting impression on us all. You were sent to us for a reason, I'm still trying to work out why, then taken away. Cassidy you will always live in my heart even though you do not live anymore. A precious little girl who we will never get to know. Just know that you will always be loved and never forgotten. I'm sorry I couldn't keep you safe, I hope you are safe and happy where ever you are and that you are looking after your twin brother or sister. Baby Kapernick, I was only seven weeks pregnant when I lost you, please know that I love and miss you. Look after each other until we meet again. TWO BRIGHT LIGHTS EXTINGUISHED FOREVER.


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