stillborn June 15, 2002.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy: Tena and Mike Broton:
The day we lost you is a day we will never forget. It was a Thurs. June 13, 2002, two weeks before your due date. We went to the doctors at 8:30am. The day before you were kicking like crazy, you bounced my hands off my belly. While we were waiting for the doctor you kicked me once really hard, I just smiled. We went in the room and the nurse tried to find your heartbeat but she couldn't. Neither could the doctors. We saw that your heart had stopped beating. At the same time I thought I would die also. It's three months later and I have started to cry. It still hurts. I called my mom in N.C. and all I said was,“my baby is died“ It was the hardest thing I've ever said in my life. I was induced that afternoon. All of the family showed up. I had you on Sat. June 15 at 5:46pm. I was in labor for almost 30 hours but only pushed for 1/2hr. Daddy said you came flying out. But your umbilical cord was wrapped around you from head to toe. God you were beautiful. Perfect in everyway. It was so hard to believe you were gone. I never heard you cry. You never opened your eyes, never took a breath. Everyone said that we made a beautiful baby and by God we did. We love you so much. I still can't believe you're gone. I hope you're happy up in heaven with all the other babies. And that you're not mad at me for something that I've done wrong. I never meant for you to go away. I hope you didn't hurt. Every second of every day you are missed. Please watch over me and daddy as much as you can. Thank you for the short time you were with me. I hope some day we will see you and get to love you like we should have three months ago and forever. Good bye my beautiful angel. I love you and miss you more then words can say. Until we meet again. LOVE MOMMY.


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