born 3 October 2002 and died 3 October 2002.
Remembered by Grandma and Grandad Fairweather:
Your little life was over before it had begun. You were not meant to be here, our precious little one. And though you looked so perfect in every single way, a part of you was broken like our hearts are today. The angels came and took you to play among their own, but we feel you all around us when gentle winds are blown. You're in the sun, the moon, the stars the soft sweet summer rain, you're in the falling autumn leaves and springs green growth again. Though time may heal the pain we feel that you're no longer here, our hearts will always have a place for one we held so dear. So sleep in peace sweet little babe and take our love with you, for Daisy we will always wish that you could be here too. Sleep tight little Angel, so sadly missed xxxx


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