stillborn September 22, 2002.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and big brother Norman Joseph:
Connor, From the day we conceived you, we loved you. You lived inside of Mommy for 5 full months. You were so active and strong! Mommy and Daddy loved to talk to you (we know you could hear us), and Norman loved to give you kisses and hugs. We were not ready to deliver you when we had was too early and you were not ready to face the world. Even up until you were delivered, you were fully alive and moving around. We were so sad that you were not with us once you were outside the womb; we wanted you to see our loving eyes and feel our warm embrace. We did hold you, and you were so perfect! You looked just like your big brother! You even had his same big toe! Please know how much we love you, how much we wanted you, and how much we will never forget you. We know you are in heaven with all the other angels, and we cannot wait to hold you in our loving arms again. All of our love, Mommy, Daddy, and Norman Joseph


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