stillborn 09/13/02.
Remembered by Your mama, Sharon Kelly:
Junior. I called you that from the beginning just as I called your sister Peanut. I knew immediately that I was pregnant with you. Your Daddy needed to see the test. I knew you were a boy. Your Daddy needed to see the ultrasound. I knew you were fine even when the doctors told me you probably had some genetic defect and would never make it out of the delivery room. Your Daddy wasn't so sure. And I was right. You were perfect. All the tests confirmed it. I knew it. But I didn't know that I would lose you before I even got the chance to say hello. An unforseeable accident. But I knew everything else. Why didn't I know this? You took a piece of me with you when you left this world and every day I feel the ache. So small, but you left such a huge hole in my heart. I long to see you again and I grieve for the future you will never have. Remember me as I will remember you always. Know that I will never forget. Know that you will always be our beloved son.


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