born Sept. 15, 2002 -10:17 a.m. and died Sept. 15, 2002 -11:47 a.m..
Remembered by Her parents- Rick & Alysha, siblings- Arianna & Jarod, G-parents- Pat, David, Vicki, Tom, & Kristy:
Laiken, our beautiful precious angel... we love and miss you so very, very much.We take comfort having been able to spend the precious time with you that we did. You were planted on Earth to bloom in Heaven, and we do believe that. We were all so excited to be having you. You just had to come too early, at 24 weeks due to Mommy's HELLP Syndrome (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets), and your little body was much too small and weak. You were only 1lb.,1 oz. & 11-1/2 long. You had the most adorable nose and ears, the tiniest little feet & hands (with long fingers).We wanted to hold you forever. The doctor said that there was no hope, and it was so hard to know that we had to let you go. Mommy held you for almost 8 hours. You were too good for this world. Please wait for us in Heaven, and then we can all be together again... and we'll never have to let you go again. We hope that you can hear us when we still talk to you, Princess. Love you always, Mommy & Daddy (& Arianna, Jarod)


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