stillborn 25 September 2002.
Remembered by Mummy:
Darling Sweet Liam, I think about you every waking minute and dream about you all night too. We wished for you for so many months and I danced madly round the kitchen with your big brother Ryan when I glimpsed that lovely blue line! I said to Ryan “look, look baby, you're going to be a big brother“, and he did his funny dance that he learnt from Daddy! “Yaheeee, I hope it's a boy so I can play rough games with him“. You were very cheeky in your ultra-sound scans, whenever they wanted to check out your wee hands or feet, you'd hide that particular part, and when I had a scan and was so worried about you, you seemed to do a wild boogie, as if to say “look at me dance Mum“. I still can't believe that you're not going to be with us in January, to keep me and Daddy up all night and for us to make up silly songs to send you to sleep. I can't get over the thought of us all cuddling up in the big bed, coz that's where your big brother found comfort, and still does at age five. I need you to know that when I smile or laugh, it's a mask to help others deal with your loss, especially your Daddy and brother. I need to be there for them, but know part of me has died with you, my love. I hope in some way you can feel our love for you, and know that I hope that you're watching over us, especially your big brother who is always getting into mischief and I hope that you take extra special care of him. A nice lady lent me her poem that we used for your notice in the papers, hope you like it, love. “An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth, then whispered as she closed the book 'too beautiful for earth'“ Love you, honey. Mummy xxxxx


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