miscarried January 20, 2000.
Remembered by Barb:

He was called away on that cold winter day.
I understand he was not able to stay.
He left his memory with me, and his spirit soared.
As he went calmly to heavens door.

I was able to see him, but oh so brief.
My mind felt so crazy, all filled with grief.
I said hello, and I said good-bye,
There just was not enough time to cry.

Although his loss hurts my heart,
I saw he gave a real fighting start.
It was too soon, it could not be.
He should still be inside of me.

He brought something to my life.
Now Heaven has this special angel tonight.
I find comfort he is with those I love.
Now he is with Grandpa in heaven above.

I know one day I may understand,
But for today I must believe it was part of God's plan.
This special baby boy will be in our hearts forever.
Until the day we once again can be together.

So as I look to the stars, and know that he shines.
I say good night little angel, it just wasn't your time.


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