born July 31, 1997 and died August 19, 1997.
Remembered by Mommy-Christina Daniels:
I remember when we got her dedication dress; she was still in the hospital as she was very premature, but doing very well so far. There was a little store in the hospital especially for preemie families that had hard to find preemie things. A store had donated dedication dresses for them to sell. I was looking at them when one of the clerks asked me if I had seen this certain dress. It was the only one of that kind and was very beautiful. She told me it was at least a $200 dress. I asked her how much it would be and she told me "For you, $25." I was taken back and asked her if she was joking. (We had kind of gotten close before this, she was my lactation consultant) She told me they had been $25 the day before but were now $50. Then she told me the money went toward a fund for parents of preemies that died. I had no idea how close to home that would come. About a week later, my little cherub got NEC and was gone within 24 hours. She wore the dress to her funeral and looked just like an angel! The collar was too big for her and made it look like angel wings.


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