born May 9, 1997 and died a day or so prior to May 7, 1997 (the day we found out you both had died).
Remembered by Mommy:
To my sweet, precious, beloved Rachel & Rebecca,
It seems like just yesterday that the two of you were in my energetic, feisty twin daughters. What a miracle the two of you were and always will be. You have touched mine and your Daddy's lives like no one else ever will. There is a huge place in our hearts with only your names on it. Our time with you was cut so short. But, I am thankful for every single second. I remember how much the two of you moved around down there - especially you Rachel. I remember all the cravings that I had - strawberries, frozen yogurt, and even a Whopper!
There are so many things that I was never able to do for you that I wish I had been able to. I will never be able to read you bedtime stories, buy you pretty clothes, pack your school lunches, or stay up all night wrapping your Christmas presents. But, the one thing that I can do for you and will ALWAYS do for you is have you in my heart. You both (as well as Baby D.) will be in my heart forever. Any future children we have will definitely hear about their big sisters! We'll see you in heaven someday and will never be apart again!
Love you to the moon and back--Mommy


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